A breathwork journey with Leeor Alexandra

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A breathwork journey with Leeor Alexandra

"Truly an out-of-body experience. It totally shifted my energy as if my vibration has been raised levels higher than I was before the meditation. The missing piece to my healing journey."

Breathwork: The conscious controlling of the break to influence, cleanse, and heal a person's emotional, spiritual, energetic and physical bodies.

Today, in the west, there are many styles of breathwork, but utilizing the breath for spiritual purposes originated in Eastern religions, cultures and traditions. Many who practice yoga might be familiar with pranayama, and breathwork draws from cultivating the spiritual experiences that can be had by utilizing the breath.

- Stress relief

- Anxiety & depression alleviation

- Mental & physical wellbeing

- Train your body to be more patient & chill

- Improves your mood

- Improves gut health

- Lowers heart rate

- Helps lower blood pressure

- Makes you more vibrant & radiant

- Increases clarity & focus (you'll be laser-focused the day after!)

- Reduces food cravings

- Alleviates insomnia and helps you sleep better

SUPER simply. There is a 15 minute introduction that goes over how to use the meditation, what you can expect, and just basic introduction material. Then, there is the meditation. It is about 45 minutes long, and you start it when you are prepared. Either blast the meditation for you and your friends, or listen to it on your own, from whatever platform you want to use - you can download it and you also get a Dropbox link.

The meditation comes in mp3 form and in video form with visuals, so use whatever you'd like.

Close your eyes, and go inwards.

I wanted to make this experience as simple, wholesome and attainable as possible for whoever is searching...searching for themselves, for answers, for healing, for advice, for guidance, for help, and for health.

I believe that anything negative that exists in our physical reality - be it physical pain, a disorder, disease, heartbreak, trauma, low self-esteem, insecurity, lack of financial abundance, and really just anything overall first begins in the energetic, spirit world and then manifests into physicality.

If stress, worry, unhappiness, trauma, and pain can manifest into physical disorders...well, can goodness manifest into physical goodness?

Can we manifest material goods, better people, more love, better experiences, a happier disposition, and overall wellbeing through focusing on our inner world?

My answer is yes, we can. I've seen it in my own life, the lives of my loved ones, and the lives of my massive online community.

We can thrive. We just need to tap into the unlimited source of goodness that exists in the universe.

Breathwork is one way to do that. :)

Though I've taken Breathwork courses before, I have recently become absolutely obsessed with them and what the journey does to my emotional body and wellbeing.

In Los Angeles, a single Breathwork class costs anywhere from $25-50 and upwards for private classes.

I know that it's also not available in most places.

So I decided to create my own guided breathwork meditation for whoever needs it, to have it at their own time, in their own home, and use it in whatever way they see fit... and this is what has manifested.

I believe in it.

I believe in you.

Enjoy :)

"Leeor, firstly I want to just say THANK YOU. I did the breathwork yesterday morning and I cried, sobbed through most of it. I had to take many many breaks and felt lightheaded through most of it but I am so glad I stuck through it and finished it. I can say that I didn’t realize I didn’t have love until the ending...I will continue this breathwork journey. Thank you love!"

- Joanna

"I was left absolutely astounded by it! After the video was over I had undergone numerous different emotions, but all i was left with was pure unwavering love. My favorite part was looking into the eyes of my younger self. I didn’t have a least favorite part. I did have discomfort in my hands as my ego struggled in vain to relinquish control, but I powered through and felt stronger for it."

- Avalee K.

"It was truly transformative. I burst out in tears, I felt like I could release and cleanse a lot of bad energies I’m currently struggling with regarding my past traumas with men.

I feel a lot lighter now. Towards the end, I almost had an out of body experience. I felt like I was one with the universe, I was every energy, every human being on the planet. I was love. It was amazing. So, Leeor Alexandra, thank you. I actually said “thank you Leeor” out loud several times during the breath work because you truly changed my life. Every time I listen to your meditations, I feel like you speak directly to my soul."

- Anonymous

"I loved it! I’m going to put in my routine, I’m shooting for twice a week. "

- Stephanie H.

"It was way more intense than what I was expecting!! (In an AMAZING way, of course!!) I let go of so much and truly let love in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such an amazing course!!

Thank you for making this!!! I was inspired to take a breathing course for a long time and just didn’t know where to go! Thank you!"

- Catherine


Breathwork is extremely effective - so effective that it is extremely powerful. It has strong nervous system and endocrine system activations, and many will experience physical and emotional experiences through this deep-dive into the self. Because of this, we have to offer some contraindications for anyone interested in giving this powerful transformation tool a go. Please consult a doctor or refrain from practicing breathwork altogether if you: are pregnant, have a history of aneurysms, severe asthma, cardiovascular problems, severe psychiatric symptoms, have a history of stroke or seizures, take heavy medications, have glaucoma, or have osteoporosis. If you are not in sound medical health, simply consult a doctor about whether over-oxygenating the body might be safe for you.

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